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Re: [tor-talk] StartPage becoming Stop Page

check here: https://blog.privacytools.io/delisting-startpage/

and when it ends with blocking Tor users just no surprise.

later maybe they will delete pages like this one:


history: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/6151

In the last week or 2 - well after TBB 9.0.9 release, StartPage quite
often shows "sorry to interrupt" page, asking if you're doing weird things.
Has a place to send comments, explanation.  An excerpt (emphasis mine):

Just Checking... We apologize for the inconvenience: to prevent
possible abuse of the Startpage.com service, your Internet connection
has been prevented from accessing it at this time.

This happens when a *large number* of search requests are received
from one's Internet connection in a *short amount of time* -- for
example, if you are using "screen-scraping" software, or if you are
sharing a connection with many people, perhaps through a proxy service.

It's not tied to exit nodes in certain countries, AFAIK.  As with
youtube, quickly trying new circuits 5+ times has mixed results.  I
imagine they've recently had bad experiences or changed policies.
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