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Re: Bittorrent 0.0.9pre5 bundle


fine that TOR is leading aginst i2p ;-)

I tried it, but it is nuthing more than a zip with 2-3 programms, I already installed from thehomepage. From the homepage I get the know how how to use  it,
With you bundle everybody does not know anything to do with it.

And: There is no bittorent client in.
And before I mix up my proxy setting, I cannot get back, I will drop the whole thing.

Soo... it is not workign here,

We need eihter a details description for emule shareaza or Bittorrent original client or we can not get users.

Please make a app which ahs this all integrated, a simple gnucleus or kiwi alpha client 


>metainfo file.: tor-009pre5-bundle.torrent
>info hash.....: db548d338a67ee4aee9206f0c71b7b924c754a71
>directory name: tor-009pre5-bundle
>README (851)
>README.files (335)
>docs/INSTALL.linux (2573)
>docs/INSTALL.windows (429)
>docs/README.configuration (2080)
>docs/README.privoxy (732)
>linux/tor-0.0.9pre5.tar.gz (489264)
>linux/tor-0.0.9pre5.tar.gz.asc (232)
>linux/tor_0.0.8+0.0.9pre5-0.woody.1_i386.deb (636750)
>windows/extra/Win32OpenSSL-v0.9.7e.exe (2231493)
>windows/extra/privoxy_setup_3_0_3-2.exe (317135)
>windows/tor-009pre5.exe (1073258)
>windows/tor-009pre5.exe.asc (652)
>archive size..: 4755784 (18 * 262144 + 37192)
>announce url..: http://tracker.prq.to/announce
>== Encrypted e-mails preferred | GPG KeyID: 114AA85C