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0.0.9.pre6 --list-fingerprint(key generation) for server fails

Hi all,
I have a 1-6 mb down and 1-4 mb line up and would gladly contribute at least a middleman server
but even though I have followed instructions on the wiki and the documentation and have defined the server
parameters in torrc(DataDirectory etc,) when running tor -f torrc --list-fingerprint I get 1 line denoting version
and then it stops, at least on Pre5 before it was fixed it listed a client fingerprint (either without torrc or with server parameters undefined in torrc) with current cvs or pre6,pre5,pre4 and server parameters defined and debug going to std-err I get the 1 line(no matter if Mac OSX 10.3(pre4) or OpenBSD -current (current, pre4 to pre6), linux 2.4.20(current, pre-6, pre4) with server parameters define in torrc... still the same 1 line output and not populated Datadirectory /usr/local/var/lib/tor/ no keys etc...

is it time to break out gdb or is this a known issue

kind regards
a wouldbe tor server