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Re: how to autostart tor on osx?

Oops, I'm sorry, here's a file (if attachment works...)
Put these files this into /Library/StartupItems/Tor

I'll upload the same file into appropriate directory tonight, as well.

Thomas Hardly wrote:

Hi Hideki,

Thanks for your reply.

I get a 404 not found error for that link. I looked in the /pub/tor/
duirectory and didn't see anything that matched tha file you


On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 15:53:08 -0800, Hideki Saito <hidekis@gmail.com> wrote:

Try http://www.anime.net/~sasami/pub/tor/torstartup.zip
Included is a set of script file to start up tor.

There might be some case it won't start up right after restarting, in
that case, you may have to manually issue command like 'killall tor'
(In my purpose, I've just put that line in stop section...

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 14:54:03 -0800, Thomas Hardly <hardmac@gmail.com> wrote:

I've been testing tor and privoxy on osx systems and am looking for a
method to have it autostart at system startup.

I've tried adding it to the end of the privoxy StartupItem as:

/usr/local/bin/tor &

   but this doesn't seem to work.

I've created a stand alone StartupItem for tor, making it run Last at
startup and that still doesn't seem to work. Anyone have any

Thomas Hardly

Hideki Saito mailto: hidekis@gmail.com

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