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Using Tor with BitTorrent


I'm not very experienced in using tor and I tried to get the Azureus client
working with Tor under WindowsXP as it is described on their Homepage. It
didn't work, my Firewall always blocked an outgoing connection which the
client wanted to make.
So I tried a different Client: "BitSpirit". It also has a proxy
configuration but not so many options concerning trackers and stuff. After
putting in Tor as a Socks 5 proxy it actually started downloading quite
well. As I could see in my Firewall there were no attempts for outgoing
connections, everything goes trough Tor.
Now some things I'm wondering about:

I read the "Tor, Socks bind, and BitTorrent" mailing list thread from
October 04 and there it says, that only outbound traffic is possible, but my
upload works fine!?
It also says, that "listen for connections" will expose me. I don't really
know what this option means, but my upload isn't influenced at all by
checking or unchecking it and traffic still all goes trough Tor

So could I expect to be anonym with this configuration or not?

I also experienced some other problems:

1. I always get this "...application is giving Tor only IP adress..." warn
with different apps including Bitspirit, even if these apps provide a
"resolve names remotely" option. But most apps are working anyway (like

2. Regardless which program I use, even while browsing the internet, I get
this message: "[warn] circuit_log_path(): circ (length 3, exit randomtrash):
solid(open) cannabis(open) randomtrash(open)"

3. A new error appeared (maybe since I installed 0.0.9rc4, I don't really
know anymore): "[warn] conn_read(): Unhandled error on read for OR
connection (fd368); removing"

I know, a lot of questions, but I would really be glad to get some answers.


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