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tor 0.0.9rc2-win32


the installer version for Windows
doesn't work under my Windows 2000 system, perhaps the file is
corrupted (downloaded with wget and firefox):

gpgverify tor-0.0.9rc2-win32.exe.asc 
gpg: ASCII-Hülle: Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)
gpg: die unterzeichneten Daten sind wohl in 'tor-0.0.9rc2-win32.exe'
gpg: Signature made Mi 24 Nov 2004 18:48:34 CET using RSA key ID
gpg: using secondary key 8D29319A instead of primary key 165733EA
gpg: BAD signature from "Nick Mathewson <nickm@alum.mit.edu>"
gpg: Binäre Unterschrift, Hashmethode "SHA1"

After clicking the installer file, a window pop ups with:
NSIS error
The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete.
This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a
It may be possible to skip this check using the /NCRC command line


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