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Re: 0.0.9.pre6 --list-fingerprint(key generation) for server fails

On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 08:03:20AM -0800, tor wrote:
>          its now core dumping when using --list-fingerprint BEFORE 
> complete key generation is achieved(the secret keys get produced and it 
> cores,(this is on OpenBSD), may be the current CVS, when its just 

Yes, CVS had a bug like this that we introduced a few days ago, and
(I think) fixed last night. You should expect the CVS version of Tor to
catch fire.

> a script to write already keyed memory images suitable for CDROM, 
> Compact-flash and USB-flash. These will be used for
> internal distribution only to run further integration testing. Hmm 
> couldnt find a --generate-key option and I could just fork tor as a 

It sounds like --list-fingerprint will do what you want.