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Re: 0.0.9.pre6 --list-fingerprint(key generation) for server fails

On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 03:37:00PM -0800, tor wrote:
> >        I have a 1-6 mb down and 1-4 mb line up and would gladly 
> > contribute at least a middleman server
> > but even though I have followed instructions on the wiki and the 
> > documentation and have defined the server
> > parameters in torrc(DataDirectory etc,) when running tor -f torrc 
> > --list-fingerprint I get 1 line denoting version

The --list-fingerprint option is only there to output a hash of your
identity key and then exit. Since clients don't have fixed identity
keys, they no longer output one.

But if you want actually run tor, you shouldn't use --list-fingerprint
as an option. And all the keys and so on will be written to your
DataDirectory just like normal whether or not you use --list-fingerprint.

> hmm the keys finally showed up in the proper directory... guess I am 
> just too impatient...

Ah, yes, it takes a second or so to generate keys the first time it
starts, on some processors.

So it is working now? Please consider registering your key fingerprint,
per the instructions on