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tor servers on local lan

I am new at OR, so please be patient. I am trying to run Tor on a local lan, not connected to the Internet. I have one Authoritative Directory Server and three "other" servers. They are on linux machines (fc4), running tor-

Each machine has the same torrc (with the exception of items marked below). There are no firewalls running, and I have hupped each server many, many times. I cannot get a circuit going - I get the error messages "Port 80 not handled" and "0 clean circs". A few questions - first, is it good practice to have a differnt ORPort and DirPort for each server or should they all be the same? TIA for any help

SocksPort 3002 (**this is changed for each server**)
SocksBindAddress (**this is changed for each server**)
AllowUnverifiedNodes middle,rendezvous
Log debug file /usr/local/nodeD0/debug.log
Log notice file /usr/local/nodeD0/tor.log
DataDirectory /usr/local/nodeD0/data
Nickname torbluster (**this is changed for each server**)
Address (**this is changed for each server**)
ContactInfo Private node
ORPort 3000 (**this is changed for each server**)
ORBindAddress (**this is changed for each server**)
DirPort 3001 (**this is changed for each server**)
DirBindAddress (**this is changed for each server**)
AssumeReachable 1
DirAllowPrivateAddresses 1
DirServer 8463 242D 3C65 B851 5E63 DC22 1D77 5CEC 2378 F2BE
DirServer 5155 2752 F1A4 15A0 3AAD B7FE 108C 56EA 431E AC55
AuthoritativeDirectory 1 (** applies only for the Authoritative DirServer, right?**)
RunAsDaemon 1

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