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Re: Different fingerprint problem

On Wed, 02 Nov 2005, Kintradim wrote:

> Hi!
> As i made an upgrade (because of the high processor usage together with 
> trickled) from tor version debian- to i think i 
> forget at the first start from the alpha to import the original fingerprint 
> from the debian version, because i get the error message: [warn] 
> connection_dir_client_reached_eof(): http status 400("Rejected: There is 
> already a verified server with this nickname and a different fingerprint.") 
> response from dirserver ''. Please correct. 

And upgrade from one debian package to another shouldn't do this, and I
very much doubt that it did this.  If you can reproduce this problem
with the debian packages let me know how.

To get back your original identity you need to restore the secret_id_key
in your tor's data directory to the one you previously used.  Or pick a
new nickname and send us the nickname/fingerprint of this one.
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