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Re: Privoxy Set-Up Problems.

On Wed, 09 Nov 2005, Peter Ingle wrote:

> Dear Webmaster,
>                When attempting to access the "config file" to set up
> Privoxy there seems to be no way I am able to carry out the required
> editing. On checking the file it is apparently read only and in the
> "properties" when attempting to set write access the message "you are
> not the owner, so you can't change these permissions" is displayed.
> I am trying to set up Privoxy on Fedora Core 4. Can you please advise me
> on how to make the config file editable (I had no trouble doing it when
> using Privoxy in Windows). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
>             Yours Faithfully

First of all, tor-webmaster is the wrong place for such questions.  Your
favorite linux/unix support forum or the or-talk list or the #tor irc
channel would be more appropriate.

Secondly, if you want to edit files in /etc/ you usually have to be

Reply-To set to or-talk.  You need to be subscribed to post there.