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Re[2]: Torpark if firefox already on computer

Torpark  is  great  on the DNS issue. This was one of the main reasons
for creating it.

Torpark has incorporated versions of Firefox which have internal SOCKS
proxies,  and are capable of remote dns functions, so there is no need
for privoxy. Essentially the browser can loopback all the data through
its SOCKS proxy and route it through TOR without the need for privoxy.
Torpark  doesn't  strip DNS information like privoxy does, but instead
remotely  routes  the  request  so it doesn't appear that the query is
coming from that machine (thank you Deer Park Alpha).

I haven't compared Tor+Privoxy+Browser vs. Torpark (Tor + Browser) but
I  would  imagine the results are negligible. Anyone care to run speed
and memory overhead test? Matt?