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Re: Re[2]: Torpark if firefox already on computer

I noticed a slight blip on the processor speed side of the equation
with privoxy+tor+browser. Personally I have noticed that torpark works
better on the memory side of the equation. as to how fast they load
pages off the net, I haven't really noticed a big difference between
the two configurations. Not to nock tor but right now I think that the
choke point of the equation is in the tor network, and that we won't
really be able to test the operational speed of the torpark vs
tor+priv... untill the network is running faster than the end user
client can handle.

On 11/4/05, Arrakistor <arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Torpark  is  great  on the DNS issue. This was one of the main reasons
> for creating it.
> Torpark has incorporated versions of Firefox which have internal SOCKS
> proxies,  and are capable of remote dns functions, so there is no need
> for privoxy. Essentially the browser can loopback all the data through
> its SOCKS proxy and route it through TOR without the need for privoxy.
> Torpark  doesn't  strip DNS information like privoxy does, but instead
> remotely  routes  the  request  so it doesn't appear that the query is
> coming from that machine (thank you Deer Park Alpha).
> I haven't compared Tor+Privoxy+Browser vs. Torpark (Tor + Browser) but
> I  would  imagine the results are negligible. Anyone care to run speed
> and memory overhead test? Matt?
> Regards,
> ST