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Re: Re[2]: Torpark Mirroring

Well you have the people in place that are constantly mirroring
(wgetting) the files. since they are wgettting the files you have some
control over the file names. While I say that the problem would be in
having people host torrent files for you. I was about to launch into a
lengthy explanation on how it could be done, but i realized that you
are pretty smart and prolly figured it out allready. Leave it at it
can be done, but two things you need to take into account are need for
this kind of service, as in people who want torrents, and the
possiblility of someone else including a virus into your software and
serving it up like it came from you. Althought I guess you could do a
MD5 hash of the final product to verify results. I have heard recently
that MD5 isn't the most secure anymore... I will look more into that
for you when I get back from dinner.


On 11/13/05, Arrakistor <arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I don't know if the demand of it is that high, but possibly.
> Secondly, I keep updating, which is counter intuitive for seeding.
> Thoughts?
> ST