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tor block insanity

i just added this to the gentoo wiki:


and i wanted to post the info in the gentoo forum where the same type of info was also posted, but in your infinite wisdom you have chosen to block access to the forum on the basis of my network origin, even though out of all tor users trolls are only a minority, just as they are anywhere else.

why should i have to give away my identity to contribute to your forum??? the admins of the gentoo wiki haven't been so stupid as to block tor users. couldn't you just set up registered user only posting for the forums rather than block network nodes on an open proxy system? if you are gonna block tor, are you gonna add all other open proxy addresses too? are you gonna choose to make it difficult to access the forum anonymously? tor is the easiest form of anonymising available. it is gonna be used mainly by people for whom malicious behavior is not something they wish to do, people who don't want to have to be messing around with more complex and difficult to run anonymising systems, who just want to be anonymous.

blocking tor users on the basis of a small number of trolls is completely unfair, what makes you think that just cos a few lazy script kiddies want to make asses of themselves through tor that everyone who uses tor is automatically a troll?

thanks for nothing

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