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Getting Unblocked at Wikipedia


I like to occasionally contribute to the Wikipedia. I also run a tor server. I do not want a Wikipedia username, and so I always just contribute anonymously.

During the recent fracas about tor and Wikipedia, my static IP address from which I run my tor server was blocked for an "infinite" time period. I have since decided that until I get more than one static IP, I will only run my tor server in "middle-man" mode, so it is not presently possible that defacement of Wikipedia (or Slashdot, or the Gentoo Forums, etc.) is exiting from my IP address.

I was able to email Slashdot and can login there again, and I don't presently contribute to the Gentoo Forums often enough to worry about it. However, I am finding it impossible to correct the Wikipedia block, because without a username the only way to contact an admin is to edit their "talk" page, but I am forbidden from editing any page because of the block. A vicious cycle.

Does anyone have any experience with this such that they could direct me to an actual email address of a Wikipedia admin who could remove the block or otherwise advise me on how to proceed? Thanks.