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Re: ATTN: for-profit Tor operators

Dear Roger, Dear Eugen, Dear List,

although Eugen's idea isn't really a bad one
i see some risks in developing a "commercial part" of the tor system.

Glymr's idea (also on the list) sounds much more compatible with
the open source idea...

What about talking to one of the "big non-profit organisations"?
Like Mozilla Foundation or Canonical Ltd (canonical.com and

Perhaps they would be interested in funding the tor project.

A "Firefox - TOR XPI Plugin" would definitly help to spread
the tor project...

Glymr's idea with a "central donation system - maintained for example by
eff" would be a good thing....

the eff (or another "special tor foundation") could forward funds to
the tor developers and to tor operators to "cover" (or at least help
them) their costs.. etc.