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Let's pay our dues!

As someone who greatly appreciates the availability of the Tor network
and associated software, I am distressed to learn that EFF financial
support for the development effort has run out. Given the large number
of users of this valuable resource, I find it impossible to believe that
an announcement that subsequent availability of the network will be at
least partially dependent on specific cash donations would fall on deaf
ears. Indeed, I think the development team would be pleasantly surprised
by the response.

My suggestion, then, is that the development team determine the amount
of money needed to continue Tor as an active project, work out a monthly
or quarterly fee structure which would be sufficient for continuing the
development effort, and make a request to all users to sign up with EFF
or whatever administrator is selected to begin paying their dues for the
use of this unique service. As a suggestion, I for one would be quite
willing to pay 10-25 dollars per month US for the service.

I realize that there are members of the user community who would be
unable to make cash contributions to the support effort. I think,
however, that a large number of those users able to pay would willingly
do so if solicited.

In closing, on this Thanksgiving Day, I thank the development team
members for their fine effort in developing Tor into a functional and
extremely valuable resource.


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