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Re: Let's pay our dues!

Thus spake clifnor@xxxxxxxxxxxx (clifnor@xxxxxxxxxxxx):

> As someone who greatly appreciates the availability of the Tor network
> and associated software, I am distressed to learn that EFF financial
> support for the development effort has run out. Given the large number
> of users of this valuable resource, I find it impossible to believe that
> an announcement that subsequent availability of the network will be at
> least partially dependent on specific cash donations would fall on deaf
> ears. Indeed, I think the development team would be pleasantly surprised
> by the response.
> My suggestion, then, is that the development team determine the amount
> of money needed to continue Tor as an active project, work out a monthly
> or quarterly fee structure which would be sufficient for continuing the
> development effort, and make a request to all users to sign up with EFF
> or whatever administrator is selected to begin paying their dues for the
> use of this unique service. As a suggestion, I for one would be quite
> willing to pay 10-25 dollars per month US for the service.

Hear hear! I regret that I have but one node to give for my mixed
network! ;)

I imagine fund raising effort is probably focused on finding high
level sponsorship, but a donations page probably would help a good
deal, at least short term. Also merchandise might work: bumper
stickers, t-shirts (in some other colors than green :), perhaps
preconfigured usb drives w/ TorPark, maybe even Linksys WRT54G's with
Tor/Privoxy preinstalled and listening on the internal interface.

Though I suppose selling devices could add up to more work than
maintaining Tor itself. Depends on how easy it is to rig an installer
to make them quickly..

Eh, ideas are a dime a dozen, but best of luck! I know I certainly
have become addicted to using Tor and would be very sad to see
development cease.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs