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Re: DNS block in place at (molly)

Thus spake mr.wolf@xxxxxxxxx (mr.wolf@xxxxxxxxx):

> Hi,
> i'm running the server molly.
> The server has on his second eth interface an experimental dns service 
> to block porn sites.
> I've no idea how slashdot.org could come inside, i'll fix it.
> I hope this side effect is not too dangerous for tor users ;)

Actually, I can't speak for all Tor users, but I would think a fair
number of them would object to any sort of blocking on the exit node,
even porn. If nothing else, for the reason that you have no idea how
slashdot, fark, and chase got in there (which is quite common with
blacklists.. as we all know from dealing with SORBS, they simply Do
Not Work).

Is there any way to set it such that this dns block does not apply to
your Tor exit traffic?

Or, alternatively (to everyone else on the list), is there a config
option that I can use to exclude molly as an exit node? I think
ExcludeNodes is a bit harsh in this case, cause the dns filter
obviously doesn't apply if I'm using him as a middle-man node.

Otherwise, I would ask that molly not be listed as an exit node at

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs