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Re: DNS block in place at (molly)

Thus spake Geoffrey Goodell (goodell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

> This does not appear to be true for all sites.
> Right now I seem to consistenly get the right results when I specify
> molly as an exit.  Do you have an idea of how to characterize the sites
> that molly blocks?

It seems to be pretty arbitrary.. Except for porn. Just about every
porn site I could google up is blocked. Plus the ones I bookmarked ;)

Of note: slashdot.org and fark.com are blocked. Though most other
popular blogs are not. Also chase.com, and it also seems to be trying
to do something with xinhua.com, but breaking somewhere along the way.

Interestingly the expected targets (indymedia, al jazeera, the real xinhua, 
2600) are left unmolested. Other than porn, there doesn't seem to be
any political bias to blockings. In fact, I was unable to find any
extremist right or left wing sites that were blocked.

(They didn't even block fox news! :)

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs