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Re: use of routing information in anti-fraud mechanisms

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, Chris Palmer wrote:

Jimmy Wales writes:

My point, which ought not to be surprising given what I usually say,
is that we should not be too complacent that people who are blocking
Tor are just being overzealous or stupid or anti-privacy.  It can make
sense, and part of our job is to figure out how to help it not make

Is Jason Holt's Nym server (or something like it) in use now, to allow Tor users to pseudonymously authenticate to Wikipedia?

I've submitted the patch, but the coders don't seem very enthusiastic about including it. I think the next step will be to approach the wikipedia bureaucrats with a proposal. That would be easier for me if more people tried the demo and emailed me with feedback, so I could argue that a significant userbase is ready to use the feature if adopted.