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Re: Tor and speed

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 10:09:39 +0100, "xiando" <xiando@xxxxxxxxxx> said:
> But I'm GCHQ (look them up, if you traffic is going through UK then they see
> it) and I run two fast Tor-servers and you select my servers for both Entry

Do you mean the UK´ers had modified Tor to see everything, not only the usual 
unencrypted exit nodes? 

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 10:09:39 +0100, "xiando" <xiando@xxxxxxxxxx> said:
> and Exit and how I have both first and last step of all your Tor-circuts and
> now I'm using traffic analysis and now on to you and now you're doomed.

Shouldn´t it be some security precautions builded into the Tor system 
to disallow any circuit to have both entry and exit in the same node? 
In case, that would be on my (and probably everyone´s) christmas wish 
list. Good if it also disallow both entry and exit in same country. 

Anyway, I suppose it already are top secret tapping of all Tor runners in 
the world, serving it to a dedicated "antiTorifying" computer in realtime 
calculate analysis and present advanced graphical visualitions with maps, 
speedy zoomable to country and towns, with entry/exit relations and after 
a few picoseconds washing out percentage possibilities of let´s say this 
user in on Australia = this datastream out of Africa, to a level that in 
practise make for sure every one is identifiable at any moment (the rest 
is only as simple as to check the ISP lists of what IP is to who, a piece 
of cake for runners of such a tapping). This is for now my hypothesis. 

Btw, thanks Xiando for being a bright star of the list, I really like your 
revealing style :) Good work, though guy! 

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