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Re: Intro - Greetings

Try uninstalling, then installing tor. There's a possibility one of the files got corrupted that tor needs. Do you have a firewall on?

On 11/16/06, Tim Warren <tewarren@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The latest stable release from the the Tor DL page.

What processes? Nothing unusual, reformatted and reinstalled not long ago. It is fully patched and up to date WinXP Pro SP2 system. I have been trying to keep what loads at startup, etc to a minimum.

Originally it ran the first time just fine, but afterwards is when the problem started. I also once tried Torpark and the exact thing happened, Tor would error.

Tor tries to start, the error dialog popsup stating Tor needs to quit, but it is shown to keep running in Task Manager.

Appriciate ANY ideas.


On 11/16/06, Ringo Kamens < 2600denver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What version of tor are you using? What processes are running in the background? What service packs do you have installed?

On 11/15/06, Tim Warren < tewarren@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Greetings. I am new here. What brought me here is the inability to run Tor on my main WinXP pro system. While loading an error dialog popsup stating "Tor has encountered an error and must quit". What are some reasons that would cause Tor to crash? This is a very clean, stable system with no other problems, that I am aware of. I have used Tor on another system with no problems. Any suggestions either solving this problem or where to find answers would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Tim Warren