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Re: A different solution for anonymous browsing !

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gabrix @ 2006/11/16 04:28:
> I invite everyone , who is trying , tryed or is actually applying a
> chain of proxies for browsing,like manies  one after the other  , or 
> unusual  proxies configurations  for anonymous browsing different from
> the usual tor/privoxy duo,socat,anonweb,polipo,squid,wwwoffle, to let me
> know .... thanks !
i'm not sure why you are wanting to do this.  but, if you are trying to be "more anonymous", then this is not the right approach.  here's why:

as i have been told (and please correct me if i'm mistaken!), basically, every OS-browser-proxy(-et.al.) combination is going to leave behind a unique footprint that can be tracked by a skilled adversary.  the more complicated you make your chain of proxies, the more unique footprint it will leave.  in this respect it is best to stick with a configuration more people use, hence anonymity.  good luck.

on the other paw, if you are doing such a thing so you can research these unique footprints and compile a database of sorts, please share your results!  the more we know, the better each application can be tuned so as to minimize and converge such unique footprints.