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Re: ff & 2.0 (remote) dns leaks when using tor

Thus spake lester psigal (lesterpsigal@xxxxxxxx):

> then, i've tried different settings:
> setting ff's 'network.proxy.failover_timeout' to '-1' or '0'
> -> no change
> (if a timeout occurs privoxy shows up with one of its error pages)
> leaving socks proxy line blank in ff's connection setting
> -> no change
> setting all proxy protocols to privoxy port
> -> no change
> disabling dns client service on win xp
> -> no change
> disabling 'forward socks4a requests' directive in privoxy configuration
> -> no change
> also, i've recognized that the local dns queries are occuring when there
> is an direct user interaction with the browser like entering an url,
> selecting a bookmark, clicking a link etc. while requests from websites
> (when loading a page) seem to be resolved remotely (they do not show up
> in the ethereal logs but are requested in privoxy and log'ged by tor).
> unfortunately, i don't know if ff resolves dns by an own internal
> resolver thread or by delegating to the system which makes the whole
> thing worse.
> so, usually i'm not easily frustated but over here i'm really missing a
> thing and i would not wonder if its a little configuration tweak i
> forgot about...

Yeah, like others have said it is most likely some extension you are
running. Maybe google toolbar, yahoo toolbar, something of this nature
that interacts with each page? I tried watching Torbutton and
socks-only and got no DNS leaks w/ ff 1.5, no matter what my timeout
settings were. I did get a few "Try Again" timeout messages from
firefox, but no leaks.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs