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Opening controlport by default

Hi all,

Did tor ever open the control port by default? It's not doing so now.

I can certainly understand why it might not be a good idea to open the control 
port without an explicit request to do so. However, the flip side is that a 
default installation of tor (especially a packaged one where the user hasn't 
had to familiarize themselves with the conf files and tor starts 
automatically at boot-time) can't be used by a controller out-of-the-box on 
*nix. This was certainly my experience of the (rather old) tor package for 

The solution mght be to include a configuration script with tor. Something the 
controller could call upon to help the user through a bit of default 
coniguration to make tor controller-friendly. This script could also run 
through the boot-time setup of tor. I guess it could even help configure 
privoxy/polipo in a way that is useful to tor.

Has anyone given any thought to this? Controller issues aside it would be a 
very useful bridge between installing tor on *nix and getting it up and 

On the same note, is anyone familiar with a multi-distro setup script that 
this could be based on?


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