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Re: Traces left by Torpark, and other security discussion (was Re: TorPark)

On 11/26/06, coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
why the focus on automatic updates?  [we thought we'd need these at
one point, but really, it opened up more problems than it solved.
additional care before releases has proved sufficient]

i am referring to the developers of janusvm, NOT Tor, since this paragraph is confusing.

the first few versions included an update check that used a hard coded
hostname in /etc/hosts (to prevent DNS latency/DoS) to retrieve via
http a file that contained an sha256 digest associated with the
current release or update.

each build included an sha256 id associated with the current version.
if the version stored on the vm file system at boot and the version
obtained online were different this was assumed to indicate a new
release was available.

a gpg public key used for signing updates was also bundled with the vm
image, and the update process would obtain two more files $id.tgz and
$id.tgz.asc which contained the patch and its signature, respectively.

the $id.tgz was digested and if the sha256 sum of the downloaded
update did not match the sum obtained in the current.id http request,
the update aborted with prejudice.

if the digests matched, gpg was then used to verify the $id.tgz.asc
signature associated with the downloaded update.  if this failed, also

if all validations passed, the update was applied to the vm file
system and the init process continued to start as expected, but now
with the updates applied.


in short, we thought this might be needed to push critical updates or
config changes for Tor or other applications / utils on the vm.  it
turned out this kind of urgent / critical update was never needed, and
various organizations who started blocking our update server IP
address ended up causing longer startup times due to the http timeout
required before continuing past the update check.

not to mention the scalability concerns of doing this for anything
more than a small number of clients.

best regards,