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Re: Win32.Trojan.Agent appear when close Torpark

> Keep cool men, I don´t think you put trojans in Torpark, Tor or Portable
> Firefox, however since I last week updated the antivirus and antispyware
> database in my F-Secure firewall, I always get this warning when closing
> Torpark 1.5 (build on Tor v0.1.1.12) but never when I start the Torpark.
> This warning appear even when I first mechanically disconnect the line from
> internet before closing Torpark, so it must be something already in the
> computer related to Torpark closing:
> Virus & Spy Protection has detected Win32.Trojan.Agent
> malware in your computer.

1. Torpark is not made by the good people who made Tor. It is also not endores 
by the Tor-developers. It is made by a third party who packages together 
existing seperate products. Torpark is simply a pack of other tools.

2. Please try the actual tools included seperately and see if 
this "Win32.Trojan.Agent" is reported. By this I mean that you should:

- Download and install Tor.
- Download and install Privoxy or Polipo
- Download and install Firefox Portable.

...and see if the same Trojan.Agent is reported.

You can make a simple bat file start.bat like this:

start "Tor" /DTor /MIN tor.exe -f torrc.ini
start "Polipo" /DPolipo /MIN polipo-20060920.exe -c polipo.ini

..which basically does the exact same job as Torpark (No, this is not my batch 
file, it's from a project called "TorParkAlternative-", but where oh 
were did this project go? I don't know, and nobody but nobody seems to be 
talking. But the point is simply that "Torpark" does nothing more than this 
batch file: It installs other peoples seperate products and starts them 
combined - using a binary .exe file. Why? I don't know why. I am not the 
Torpark developer, so I can't tell you. But I can tell you that you can do 
exactly the same thing WITHOUT an .exe file.

We KNOW FOR A FACT that if you start the Torpark .exe in version, as 
in C:\Torpark\torpark.exe , with the switch /DEADBEEF you DO get a black 
cross with Cult of the Dead Cow symbols. No, this is not a "conspiracy 
theory", it's there, Torpark does includes a black cross with cult-symbols, 
you can check it out for yourself and verify this all by yourself.

It must also be mentioned that the fact Cult of the Dead Cow made  

So what you should try is to uninstall Torpark and install the products 
included in that bundle one by one, and then see if the "Win32.Trojan.Agent" 
shows up. If does then the problem may be your firewall, or something else 
has installed a trojan, or Torpark left behind a trojan. It it doesn't then 
it's Torpark itself which includes a trojan or is wrongly identified as a 

good luck.

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