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Re: Tor Network Status Website - Reduce the page size!!

> Seeing how lately it seems that several of the Tor network status
> websites have not been available, I got motivated to try my hand at
> creating one. For those who are interested in seeing the result,
> here is a url:
> https://nighteffect.com/tns/index.php

May I say that your page contains a huge truckload of donkey dong? It takes 
hours to download the status page, even longer when using Tor.

Every single line contains this (what I mean by "donkey dong"):

td bgcolor='#ffffff' align='left' valign='center' .. font face='Tacoma' 
color='#000000' size='3'

The obvious question is: Could you perhaps do this using CSS? The webpage 
turns out 2.2MB of... above mentioned HTML.

Also, "Named" could be done with bold on the server name, instead of using a 
table cell for yes/no.

Also, the server doens't do Content-Encoding: gzip.

In bullet summary, the page is 2.2MB and could perhaps be trimmed down to 
300-400K and still look almost the same to the user by cleaning up the HTML.

Mr. BlueStar88's Tor status page http://torstat.xenobite.eu/ gives a page 
which is 905K with exactly the same information - which is less than half the 
site of above mentioned page. And even that could also be reduced...

Mr. BlueStar88's also figures out if there is something on port 80 which 
serves a web page and links to it, which is very good and may encurage people 
to run Tor-servers (look!! my site gets advertised on the status pages if I 
run a Tor server!!)

Also, you may want to consider putting up a pure text (perhaps gzipped) 
version of the page as Free Speech & Tor-haters (Those bastards!) tend to 
setup scripts who download status pages hourly and parse them and make evil 
blocking-scripts. Having some Tor-hater download 2.2MB every hour is probably 
sad and depressing.

> If there is any interest, I can package up the code and DB creation
> script and distribute it. Or, feel free to use the site where it
> is. Let me know.

Sexy. Put a link where the source can be wr0red at the bottom of the page or 
something. Or just mail it to me. :D

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