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Re: Tor Network Status Website


Cool, I'm glad to see your site is still around. I was not aware of 
the link change. For what it's worth, when I made that comment, I 
actually had two sites in mind: your site and also the status site 


which doesn't seem to be available as of late. 

Best regards,


On Sun, 05 Nov 2006 23:32:45 -0800 BlueStar88 
<BlueStar88@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Nice try, but if you're talking about my site and it's 
>availability, it
>could be a broken link issue.
>I've changed the link some weeks ago. For all who do not know the 
>new link:
>    *http://torstat.xenobite.eu*
>There was a forwarding link to catch up old link visitors, but it 
>broken some time later..
>Joseph B. Kowalski schrieb:
>> Hey all,
>> Seeing how lately it seems that several of the Tor network 
>> websites have not been available, I got motivated to try my hand