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Tor Network Status Website

Hey all,

Seeing how lately it seems that several of the Tor network status 
websites have not been available, I got motivated to try my hand at 
creating one. For those who are interested in seeing the result, 
here is a url:


It's written in PHP, using a MySQL database on the backend. It 
obtains directory information by way of the "cached-status" 
directory of a running Tor server. The link above is making use of 
said directory on my Tor server, 'bitcircle'.

Anyways, some features are:

- Config option to specify which Authority servers you trust (by 
- Round-robin usage of Authority servers cached-status docs, so 
it's not always using just one
- Config option to specify how often the local cache (MySQL 
database) should be refreshed with new info (Speeds page loading, 
- Direct links to descriptors of routers on current directory server
- Some other basic config options
- Various stats about the Tor network 
- Stats about the directory server currently in use
- Several custom-query options
- (Hopefully) useful visual cues

If there is any interest, I can package up the code and DB creation 
script and distribute it. Or, feel free to use the site where it 
is. Let me know.

Best regards,