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New PortableTor

PortableTor is a rebundled version of the Vidalia-Privoxy bundle that comes out on the torproject.org website. This project was created in order to allow the end user full functionality, optimal disk space, and easy adaptation of portable applications with the Tor network. It can run on a flash drive, a desktop, external drive, iPod, and if modified, even on a solid medium, such as a CD.

A new version of PortableTor has been released (and is released every stable update.) based on Vidalia and Privoxy bundle. There's been a few changes in this version that are significant on the PortableTor end:

* Reformatted directory structure to the PortableApps Format. This means breaking down all directories into categories based on what they are, instead of what bundles they were in. All config files are in one place, all programs in one place, and all documentation in one place.

* Thanks to the fix in bug 499, AvoidDiskWrites 1 doesn't leave a remnant behind in the temporary files anymore.

* Made Tor start automatically by default. I assume if someone opens PortableTor, they want to join the network.

If you're interested in getting PortableTor, head over to http://portabletor.sf.net . There you will find the main project goals, download links, recommended additions and usages, as well as support forums and discussion topics. Criticism and feedback are welcome on the Sourceforge forums! Any direct questions can be made to Silivrenion at silivrenion@xxxxxxxxx .

Future developments:
There's some work being done on making the launcher smarter to be able to regenerate missing sections of the package. Also using the PortableTor gateway on solid storage devices by default, e.g. giving a friend a PortableTor/PortableFirefox CD for a stocking stuffer.


Steve Morley