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Re: no traffic?

Csaba Kiraly wrote:
>>> Is your openssl old or broken, perhaps?  Alternatively, something
>>> outside your system is breaking tls.
>>      While logging at "info" per Nick's request for the out-of-date
>> directory
>> bug in, I saw thousands of the second message above. 
>> I'm running
>> on FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE.
> I see these messages in TorLab as well. It happens with all three
> versions I'm testing with (,,
> (r12377)).
> From the merged logs (see below), it seems to be related to housekeeping
> on the other side.

So it is `normal`?
Yet I hardly see any traffic in my graphs.
Only a small change in the regular noise-pattern (the small peaks) after
I switched of HardwareAccel.

What can I do to find the cause?

In the weekend I can try the standard openssl.