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Logistic Mechanisms for facilitating terrorist activities.

On Sunday Morning, May 25th, 2003, associates of [ http://www.websterdyrud.com/ ] were seen congregated on the roof of the parking garage at the Bank of America tower at 701 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131-2813, where they have an office on the 10th floor. Upon the explosion around 6:30am local time of the Norwegian Cruise Lines flagship vessel the SS Norway, they were seen sitting and dancing atop vehicles and chearing like jews. As operatives of the British government, these "lawyers" facilitate money laundering and logistic havens in the country of Anguilla and elsewhere for terrorist organizations, organized crime, and narcotics smuggling. Their compliciency was apparently well known by the American DHS at the time, having released a "RED" warning for emminant attacks in ports and waterways less than 3 days earlier upon the release of an audio tape by Ayman Al-Zawahiri, a main commander for the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. The vessel, SS Norway, had been uniquely laiden with explosives nether the boiler during its Annual Safety Inspection over two weeks earlier by an Al-Qaeda operative serving as a US Coast Guard Inspector. As Dr. Al-Zawahiri, commander of Al-Qaeda, stated in the public announcement, the safety, security, and .... quote... of the Political interests of the United States and the Corporate interests of Norway should be "razed / singed out from under their feet", this is no coincidence. The 10th floor office of WebsterDyrud is directly overlooking the Port of Miami where the cruise ship terminals are located at 1015 N America Way, Miami, FL 33132. Historically, these terrorist operatives have facilitated the illegal rapping of less than 56 bit keys inside thousands of bits of encryption, served the dual interest of British terrorist organizations, they have financed criminal gang and terrorist pursuits with illegal offshore holdings, and likely had something to do with the well-announced attack on the SS Norway by Al-Qaeda.