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RE: 20090101

They will not just ask you for the logfiles. YOU will have to find out which
ip-address was routed on your server on a more-or-less specific timewindow
in the last 6 month and with which ip-address the data was forwarded to the
next router.

If you can not provide this information you will be charged by law. In my
opinion, as an tor-operator you will not be punished for the maximum years
of inprisonment or the highest money fee possible ... but it could be hard
enough if you have a previous conviction in your police file stating you to
be "involved in computer crime and a possible terrorist" :-(

And yes, they of cource put some terms into the TKG to whom the information
is available:

"Zur Erfüllung ihrer gesetzlichen Aufgaben haben eine Vielzahl von Stellen
Zugriff auf diese Bestandsdaten (§§ 112, 113 TKG): Gerichte,
Strafverfolgungsbehörden, Polizeivollzugsbehörden des Bundes und der Länder
für Zwecke der Gefahrenabwehr, Zollkriminalamt und Zollfahndungsämter für
Zwecke eines Strafverfahrens, Zollkriminalamt zur Vorbereitung und
Durchführung von Maßnahmen nach § 39 des Außenwirtschaftsgesetzes,
Verfassungsschutzbehörden des Bundes und der Länder, Militärischer
Abschirmdienst, Bundesnachrichtendienst, Notrufabfragestellen, Bundesanstalt
für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Zollverwaltung zur
Schwarzarbeitsbekämpfung."(found at

Sorry for not translating the german text, but perhaps you can see that it
is not only one institution and not only courts ...

There are really bad times coming up in Germany ...
Alexander Bernhard

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Max Berger wrote:
> As far as I see in the new §113a TKG [*] we don't have to log the whole
> circuit data. We just have to log, which nodes connect to our node and
> which IP-address we give this connection (that's the IP-address of our
> own node, so we have to log this only once). The IP-address of the next
> node is not required.

   I assume that they made sure to put one, or more, "make available to
the state" cause in there?

   If not, I'm just wondering how they'd react if I do log (as
required), and if they want the logs, I send them a

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Jan Danielsson

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