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Re: 20090101

Alexander Bernhard kirjoitti:
They will not just ask you for the logfiles. YOU will have to find out which
ip-address was routed on your server on a more-or-less specific timewindow
in the last 6 month and with which ip-address the data was forwarded to the
next router.

If you can not provide this information you will be charged by law. In my
opinion, as an tor-operator you will not be punished for the maximum years
of inprisonment or the highest money fee possible ... but it could be hard
enough if you have a previous conviction in your police file stating you to
be "involved in computer crime and a possible terrorist" :-(
When freedom is terrorism, only terrorists have freedom.

If this ever comes into the law in Finland, I promise to setup Tor middleman and log _nothing_. Let them put me in prison, if they have the balls to do it.