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Re: 20090101

>    I assume that they made sure to put one, or more, "make available to
> the state" cause in there?
Of course !
>    If not, I'm just wondering how they'd react if I do log (as
> required), and if they want the logs, I send them a
> tor.20080101-20100101.logs.tar.bz.gpg.good_luck.

§113 a (9) Die Speicherung der Daten nach den Absätzen 1 bis 7 hat so zu 
erfolgen, dass Auskunftsersuchen der berechtigten Stellen unverzüglich 
beantwortet werden können.

You have to store the logs in a way, that you can hand them over immediately.

But it is not clear which data to store yet. We will see.