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Fine tuning Tor Server , Vidalia message "namservers failed"

Hello Tor People!
  I did finally get my Tor server up behind a Linksys NAT firewall on RedHat Enterprise Linux, very happy 'bout that..
  Right now server is down until I can get the new intro rates back for my broadband cable(plz don't mooan:), probably about a week. In meantime, I am trying to get as much info as I can to fine tune the future operation of my server. While up, my server often put into log file, (paraphrase)  "all nameservers failed" and then "back up" and displays the IP of the hardwired DNS of my ISP.
  certain facts: 1 I had to assign a static IP to my Linux box,
                      2 Linksys instructions say to create a static IP, add DNS info from Linksys router to fields for such in Linux Networking, which I did.
  Am I doing this correctly? Is there a better way? Should Tor somehow have its own DNS servers to quier? If that is possible, should I add them to router and Linux networking?
                                                        all suggestions very welcome, peace to all,

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