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Re: 20090101 (log data)

On Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 11:46:07AM -0500, Hans S. wrote:

> I personally begin to look around for places to set up my node (and
> myself;) in other parts of the world.

When you do this, make sure you that the server/IP is not registered
to you personally, and make sure the means of payment are not
traceable to you (cash is good). Offshoring is also possible, but
unfortunately expensive. The thing with Russia (or China) is that
authorities there completely ignore massively illegal operations like
RBN (of course their SIGINT guys may still monitor it, they just
don't act on the intelligence), so with that kind of operator 
nobody would frown at hosting a Tor exit.

Apart from that my (as always, purely personal, and rather unpopular)
opinion is that once operating Tor without logs has been made illegal,
then it's time for no more Mr. Nice Guy, and let's see how the authorities 
will deal with a global StormTor network of a million nodes, all exit.

The advantage of malware-vectored Tor is that it's self-propagating/self-hosting,
and it it also boosts the number of users by forcing all traffic on
infected machines through Tor, transparently for the end user.
It will be slightly slower, but the fraction of a malicious exits
will be negligible.

Yes, I agree, ordinarily this is morally despicable, but this is war, 
and we haven't started it.

(Disclaimer: I'm not doing it, nor will I ever do it, so raiding my
place is completely pointless; and once you've ruined my life
sufficiently, you and yours will pay dearly, and in person).

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