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Re: 20090101 (log data)

On Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 11:46:07AM -0500, Hans S. wrote:
>> TOR Admin (gpfTOR1) wrote:

>>> I will try it for email (fon, mobile and sms may be nearly like this):

>> For mobile calls and SMS messages, the cell location of the caller/
>> sender at the beginning of the call must be recorded.

> Please take a look at:

> (0) The Treaty (choose #185), english, french

> The treaty (0) is concerned about what they call mutual assisstance
> in fighting computer related crime and the usual paedorist stuff.
> The treaty itself is absolutely horrifying and has effects much
> further than Germany and Europe, reaching out to the US and
> elsewhere. Article 20 and 21 are interesting, they might be the
> reason for our law.

They could be understood as recording traffic / content data on
demand, not collect / store everything by default and keep it for
queries about the past. Wouldn't a law that compels ISPs to start to
record data about a particular user when the police asks it (with a
court order or otherwise vetted order) fulfil that treaty?