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Re: 20090101 (log data)

On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 08:12:35PM +0100, linux wrote:

> do you know what is a timestamp in terms of this law? today, 11pm....

>> 2: anon server:
>>     In my opinion, an anon sever has to log every replacement of a
>>     sender ID by his own ID and the time stamp of this replacement.
>>     Tor replaces the IP-address, so we have to log a time stamp and the
>>     source IP for every connection. (Thats my private opinion.)

> What they ask for email is stupid. Every one will go to a server
> which is not in the EU. But still I will keep some email account in
> the EU and enter this address everywhere where I expect to get spam
> from.

No, alas, no. I think most people will stay with servers and the EU,
so your email to/from them will be in "the system". Although maybe not
in a form that is convenient for the authorities to query (they have
to mass-send requests to several ISPs...).

Another solution is using your *own* server. That would be kinda
funny... Have the police call you to get logs about you.

> PS: what happens if the logged data is lost by accident? If the
> Bundeswehr looses data why not me?

Because you are criminally liable for it and they don't? More
seriously, I suppose that if they actually believe you when you say it
is an accident and you show that you took appropriate precautions
(off-site backups, ...), then they will not make you (big)
problems. There is “lost by accident” and “lost by “accident””. Not
entirely the same.