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Re: 20090101 (log data)

On Sunday 11 November 2007 10:43, TOR Admin (gpfTOR1) wrote:

do you know what is a timestamp in terms of this law? today, 11pm....

> 2: anon server:
>     In my opinion, an anon sever has to log every replacement of a
>     sender ID by his own ID and the time stamp of this replacement.
>     Tor replaces the IP-address, so we have to log a time stamp and the
>     source IP for every connection. (Thats my private opinion.)

does tor really change the packets 1 by 1? or is it that data comes in, is 
buffered and then send with other data to a different tor server (middle 
man). If yes then tor middlenode does not offer any public service where you 
replace an ID by an other. (Whatever you mean by ID)

exit nodes still can be run outside europe. I will quit from my german server 
provider and get one somewhere else asap.

What they ask for email is stupid. Every one will go to a server which is not 
in the EU. But still I will keep some email account in the EU and enter this 
address everywhere where I expect to get spam from. 


PS: what happens if the logged data is lost by accident? If the Bundeswehr 
looses data why not me?