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Re: News orgs should be interested in running tor nodes

Thomas Hluchnik schrieb:
> Has anyone ever tried to speak with the guys from SPIEGEL, FAZ, Sueddeutsche 
> and so on that they drive own tor nodes? This would be good PR for tor.

Heise and ZEIT will not run tor node, I asked them 2 month ago. May be,
they will change the opinion next time.

The journalist organisation "Berliner Journalisten" has run a tor node
for 2 month and the node was closed few times ago. This tor node is now
"gpfTOR1" and is supported by the German Privacy Foundation (see other

So far about our journalists in Germany. It seems, they are not ready
for this step at the moment.

We will organize some meetings with journalist organizations and Roger,
when he stay in Berlin. Hope, this will bring up a tor node.

Please Roger contact us directly at: