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Re: court trial against me - the outcome

Am Mittwoch, 14. November 2007 schrieb Mirko Thiesen:
> Good morning,
> node. I asked "What about a postal service that delivers i.e. a
> bomb or a blackmail letter? Do they help people committing crimes
> as well?" They said that these two things could not be compared as
> a postal service offers transportation services whereas I offer
> anonymization services.

Hm, so I send a letter with a faked sender's address - what's that? 
How many letters get sent daily, which have been anonymized? I get 
letters with no sender's address at all - on the envelope. You never 
really know from where a letter came, even less now with the letter 
centers in Germany (stamped in a center which covers a wide region). 
So, I don't know what's different there compared to tor???

> They offered me to dismiss the actual court trial according to
> paragraph 153 StPO which is not the same as an acquittal (no
> "Freispruch") which I eventually accepted. It means, however, that
> I won't have to pay for the trial. They also repeatedly said that
> this time I got off with just a slap on the wrist - next time it
> wouldn't be that cheap.

There is currently a very strong attempt in Germany to criminalize the 
Internet. People try to let it appear as the playground for 
terrorists etc. The result will be that Politicians have an easy way 
to pass laws that allow to monitor and control nternet traffic.

Maybe things would have ended differently if you had answered the 
first letter, because the police investigating the case just need to 
know what the reason is for things to happen. If you don't explain 
it, it's most unlikely they will know it by themselves.


Dr. Martin Senftleben, Ph.D. (S.V.U.)

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