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Re: court trial against me - the outcome

Am Donnerstag, 15. November 2007 schrieb Mirko Thiesen:
> > A judge found you guilty without hearing from you, nor summoning
> > you to a trial? That sounds like a ... dangerous procedure. Well,
> > I
> This is a common procedure here for smaller offenses. AFAIK it is
> often used if people appeal to fines resulting of speed tickets and
> the like.

Happened to me also here in Germany. I was assumed to be guilty before 
investigations started, and after investigators (police) had found 
out that I had nothing to do with the crime I was charged with, I got 
a notice that investigations were stopped. That's all. Now my files 
rests in the shelves for 10 years, and I doubt that they will not 
have an effect if again some doubt comes up about my doings...

Dr. Martin Senftleben, Ph.D. (S.V.U.)

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