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Soliciting Opinions on xB Browser "How To Build" doc


We've rewritten xB Browser to version and are about to
introduce some new functionality to it. I thought this would be a lovely
time to take a step back and acquiesce to some prior requests for a doc
on how to build xB Browser from scratch. I've got some questions, and
hopefully you've got some opinions and maybe requests of your own.

1. Given the somewhat complicated layout mechanisms in Mozilla, would
you be willing to have instructions that say to the effect "Go to
View|Toolbar|Customize and drag button xyz to the toolbar where desired"
or do we demand to see a file-based placement?

2. Given the above, you will get users placing the toolbar items or
buttons in slightly different order, or editing a file with an editor
that may not have the same /$r/$n EOL functions, thus we will end up
with different hashes/sizes from one user to the other, despite them
being the same build. Is that acceptable? What is an acceptable
alternative if not?