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Re: Soliciting Opinions on xB Browser "How To Build" doc

Arrakis wrote:
> Greetings,
> We've rewritten xB Browser to version and are about to
> introduce some new functionality to it. I thought this would be a lovely
> time to take a step back and acquiesce to some prior requests for a doc
> on how to build xB Browser from scratch. I've got some questions, and
> hopefully you've got some opinions and maybe requests of your own.
> 1. Given the somewhat complicated layout mechanisms in Mozilla, would
> you be willing to have instructions that say to the effect "Go to
> View|Toolbar|Customize and drag button xyz to the toolbar where desired"
> or do we demand to see a file-based placement?
> 2. Given the above, you will get users placing the toolbar items or
> buttons in slightly different order, or editing a file with an editor
> that may not have the same /$r/$n EOL functions, thus we will end up
> with different hashes/sizes from one user to the other, despite them
> being the same build. Is that acceptable? What is an acceptable
> alternative if not?

I suggest you use an automated build system. Make[0] should do the job.

Basically all modern software projects are built with some sort of build
system, it's probably a good idea to use something that everyone can
acquire and use for free.


[0] http://www.gnu.org/software/make/