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Re: new perspektive for tor

2007/11/17, Robert Hogan <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On Friday 16 November 2007 17:04:18 Michael Schmidt wrote:
> Due to data retention logg needs/law in the EU, there will be no
> outproxy and no forwarding-nodes in the EU anymore, if they do not
> logg all traffic.

Can someone point me to the EU directive on this? I thought this was just a
German initiative.

in the total EU there will be NO TOR-Outproxy from begin of 1.1.2008:

So the idea is to have only forwarders in the EU - based on a security friend to friend layer with trusted friends only (tor retroshare-plugin). The hybrid nodes (tor plugins connecting AS WELL to the normal tor network layer) though must be then Outside this law aerea. And: every forwarder inside needs to know a hybrid outside the law aerea.
If this is given, he can forward the packet many time on the f2f layer of his trusted friends, until any of the f2f-friends know ANY PORT to go outside to a hybrid again. So this is Matrix Reloaded with Neo, needing a Port.

- World outside: routing and routing
- HYBRID: World outside, slides the packet over to F2F
- World inside begin:
ping pong  Germany
pong ping  Germany
ping pong  Germany
pong ping  Germany
... and many hops forwarded
- World inside end
- HYBRID: World outside, a friend from inside is giving the packet to a hybrid node outside
- Worldoutside: routing and routing to the destination.

So the new approach is to have a world outside with tor routing, and a World inside with forwarding nodes.
The World inside is based on the secure trusted friend encrypted layer of http://retroshare.sf.net .
Each node inside the World needs friends either forwarding or a HYBRID-friend from Outside the law.

We need a board for that, to bring people from inside and outside together, as the f2f chain may be broken quick, as not every f2f user is installing the tor-plugin. But three or four routing ways in the middle is enough for a start to haver the MIXER. Then different Ports or Hybrids outside the World start the routing, some ping pong inside over f2f layer and then back outside, ideally over a different hybrid node.

So the goal for nodes inside is a) to have friends forwarding for free, and b) to have at least one or two hybrid- friends to mix here the Inside-World-Entry and Inside-World-Exit Nodes. (remember the exit node is the tor node to fetch the website and the iside-world-exit-node is the node in a country without data retention law and hybrid with F2F).

Here are the laws: EU, Germany and some laywer discussions, UK and Ireland and some other already have, as well USA will step into this .. so.. Russia and India is the last resort for Tor, China as well of course not.

So a protocol change is needed, or a mixer, which is based on acting against the law, but this will no one do.
So the trusted friend inside and the trusted friend hybrid outside will help to get a mix chain inside the law-area.


Richtlinie 2006/24/EG: http://europa.eu.int/eur-lex/lex/LexUriServ/site/en/oj/2006/l_105/l_10520060413en00540063.pdf ; Umgesetzt im deutschen Gesetzesentwurf: http://dip.bundestag.de/btd/16/058/1605846.pdf


 http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/91627 vom 23.06.2007


 dagegen: https://www.datenschutzzentrum.de/polizei/20070627-vorratsdatenspeicherung.pdf
sowie das Bundesverfassungsgericht: http://www.bundesverfassungsgericht.de/pressemitteilungen/bvg07-082.html

 Bundesverfassungsgericht - Pressestelle - Pressemitteilung Nr. 82/2007 vom 27. Juli 2007 - 1 BvR 370/07; 1BvR 595/07 -