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Re: new perspektive for tor

2007/11/17, Olaf Selke <olaf.selke@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> in the total EU there will be NO TOR-Outproxy from begin of 1.1.2008:

really? I don't intend to shut down my exit gateway located in Germany.
Is there any reason I'm supposed to do so?


You need to logg the traffic, you have time to get the log tools till. 1.1.2009, so one year from beginning in 2008.
If you do not log, then you are aginst the law. Dunno, what the punsihment is...

But as the german plice has raided several Tor servers, I would not run one, and as you are in  law conflict, if you do not logg, then this is as well a  problem.. so I guess in the next year more and more servers will vanish...